We are a social impact consultancy

Be More Girl is a social impact consultancy, working with brands to improve women’s lives.

We take an empathetic approach to help you identify, articulate and sharpen-up your purpose, and embed it deeper throughout your business.

Positive impact, powered by empathy

Emotional intelligence and empathy in particular, can get dismissed as a bit woo-woo; especially in business. Yet at its most practical, empathy enables us to grapple with complex problems. It helps us to connect through shared understanding, and can be used to create social and environmental change.

So, not only does empathy have the power to change the world – it can help save it, too.

Take a walk in their shoes…

Be More Girl works with you to understand the relationship your brand has with others, and how its behaviour makes them feel.

We then help you turn those feelings, into thoughts and actions.

What we do…

If you can’t do it with feeling, don’t.

Patsy Cline