“To create a better future where everyone can flourish, leaders and organisations need to find ways to engage and encourage emotions more fully.” 

Emiliana Simon-ThomasUniversity of Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center

Emotional intelligence and empathy in particular, often gets dismissed as being soft and fluffy, especially in business. Yet it is an essential skill for success at work, in life, and in building a more equal society.

At its most practical, empathy enables us to grapple with complex problems, and work together to solve them. 

It helps us connect through shared understanding, and can be a powerful trigger for transformation. Particularly significant in the context of climate change, where we’re often being asked to change our behaviour for people that we don’t know; either in other parts of the world, or future generations. 

So, not only does empathy have the power to change the world – it can help save it, too.