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Sharon Brunt Chief Activist & Founder

A purpose-driven, creative brand strategist, Sharon believes in championing women because it’s what the world needs right now. With over 25-years experience in brand, communications and innovation; she’s worked on some of the world’s most famous brands, from Maltesers to Mini. A passionate advocate for social and environmental change, she studied Business Sustainability Management at Cambridge University, and recently completed an introduction to circular economy with TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering.

Giovanna Jagger Partnerships & Business Development Associate

A bilingual, business development specialist, Giovanna has vast experience working with businesses and NGOs – of all shapes and sizes – to deliver development strategies to grow their organisations, ethically and sustainably. She believes that every person wants to make a positive impact, and strongly believes in the value of collaboration, and that together we can go further.

Anna Parry Research Consultant

Anna is an experienced qualitative researcher, who enjoys working closely with clients to provide meaningful insights for their business. With a degree in psychology, she has a knack of understanding what makes people tick. Anna has experience using both online and traditional approaches, and has worked across many categories from FMCG and finance, to fashion and farming.

“The world needs the reassurance that feminism can create monumental change.”

Elyse Fox – Activist